Aug9 2014 video

Saturday Night Tunes!

Michael Jackson - I Can’t Help It, remix by Todd Terja

Move it!


Aug8 2014 video


Afro Mexican people


Aug2 2014 video



Photographs of Mexican-Americans in the 1940s.

We are not immigrants. 

We are not refugees. 

We are not illegal. 

We did not cross the border. 

The border crossed us. 


Aug2 2014 video

Saturday tunes! 

Jul27 2014 text

No toma nada.
El tiempo pasa,
Tu hablas,
Yo me callo.
Tu actuas.
Yo duelo.
Lo descubri.
Vivo porque sufro.
Vivo porque siento.
Vivo porque añoro.

Jul22 2014 video

Her voice completely enthralls me. She awakens my spirit. I love her.

Jul22 2014 video

La Llorona

The beauty and melancholy of this this Mexican son istmeño will always make me stop in my tracks and listen and sing along.

Jul21 2014 video

Broken hearts take forever to heal. Ugh. 

Thankfully there are beautiful covers with amazing beats to help the mending.